Monday, April 18, 2011

2011.04.18 Monday - End of Flag Football Season

Already starting the week by being less than energetic. Fannnnntastic.

The workday was mostly uneventful. Meetings here and there, trying to remember what I was doing last week... usual Monday occurrences.

After work, made my way over to the softball fields in southeast Austin for our last week, double-header of flag football. We got there slightly late, so not that much time spent on warming up.

The first team we played was huge. I'm pretty sure they had over double what was required on the field, so it felt like we were playing against a fresh team for both offense and defense. Not cool. They also had 3 or 4 people with wrist-playbooks on their arms, and called audibles a few times during the game. Seriously? Does "Super-Social" mean anything anymore? One guy sounded really intense when he ran, but wasn't terribly fast. I guess he really wanted to use that intimidation factor.

The second team we played was the undefeated team. Unfortunately, it stayed that way. They had a few "douchey" players that took the game way too seriously. This team had a guy that was pretty fast, but I was still able to keep up with him. The problem was that they ran routes into each other, and I wasn't in the mood to take out a player for the sake of keeping up with him... although this never caused me to allow him a catch (booyah!).

Left the season with a .500 record. That is an infinity-percent improvement from last time we played flag football.

Home, cooked dinner, then already bed time.

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