Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2011.04.13 Wednesday

Hump to the day, dump to the hay.

I woke up with a raised level of energy, but I can contribute that to the fact that I slept in some and had to rush to get ready.

Work went by like a flash. Lots of things going on and lots of things to do.

After work, I went for a skate session. I was in one area practicing some heel-flips, and I look up to see a guy standing on his porch...staring at me. Pretty darn creepy. I skated to a different spot.

I did some file manipulation on my computer and now have a chunk of albums ready to listen to. I've been off-and-on listening to more albums, but not as consistent as I used to be. I'm hoping to break the 1500 mark soon. If you happen to have any suggestions of albums I should look in to, let me know. Always open for anything.

Played a little L4D2 with Marky Mark. We beat Hard Rain on advanced, then bumped it up to expert. He left halfway through, but the rest of our group finished... that's right.. Hard Rain on Expert. Booyah.

Tired as heck.

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