Friday, April 8, 2011

2011.04.08 Friday

I went to bed a bit early last night, and slept in some this morning. This actually helped some of my grogginess, but I also had the joy of taking an emergency break prior to leaving for work. You win some, you lose some.

At work, everybody backed out on playing football today. Instead I got to go out for lunch to Zen. At some point they decided to change their menu, so I can't find the dish I once loved. Stopped by guitar center for some strings and playing around. Then back to work.

Spent the evening playing Minecraft and listening to Radio Lab, an NPR show. I probably should be working on homework, but hey it's friday.

Ate some leftovers, took a mini nap, took another emergency break, then went out to the Hideout for drinks and fun. I showed up late and didn't stay for long. I'm probably a buzzkill, but didn't order any drinks or really feel like doing much. Instead, I took Habs home and went over to Paul's to see how he is doing. Watched a little bit of Dick Tracy and saw Madonna's naughty bits.

Home, sleep.

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