Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2011.06.29 Wednesday

Took my sweet time getting out of bed this morning. The lack of sleep is catching up with me.

Work was work. I sipped on coffee and ate Goldfish most of the day, flew right through lunch.

Our kickball team met up at the fields and began our 3rd game of the season. We had last week off from the rain, hopefully that doesn't throw off our groove. The team we were playing, 3rd Date, had been beaten pretty badly the games before. I guess they were feeling taken advantage of or really upset about it. They were acting completely out of the context of "Super Social" and calling us cheaters and yelling obscenities at our team. We only had a few times where we asked the referee for clarification. I feel like the ref was calling a pretty fair game. Well we ended up losing, and the other team made a huge celebration about it. Good for them. Maybe they will come out of this game better people, and be less douchey to the future teams. The ref even said a few times "just play the game".

We finally made the trip out to Doc's afterward. This was the first time this season for our game to not be super late. I was finally able to get to know a few people some more. Our team has a little bit of crazy, but a lot of people that just want to have fun and get out.

That about wraps up my day.

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