Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2011.06.15 Wednesday

Not surprising: I'm rather grogged out this morning. I had my radio alarm set at the normal time, just no annoying beeping alarm. I still think this helped me get up gradually, and was better overall.

Another long day of work ahead. Can't be that bad right?

Took a quick lunch; cranked out code like a machine.

Left from work to go play kickball. We took a few innings to get into a rhythm, but we pulled out a win. Our referee seemed a little inexperienced, but handled the game maturely. When he called a few things wrong, he accepted the player's rebuttals and changed the calls. I went up to kick once and asked how many outs we had, he said 0. I knew that wasn't correct and had the previous play explained, where we did in fact have a player tagged out. So maybe it was silly of me to insist we had an out against us, but I would much rather have fun playing a fair game than just worry about winning.

From there, I went over to northwest Austin for a margarita night that Kelc has been planning. The timing was a bit off, so I went to eat Taco C by myself to kill some time. Slightly prior to that, I went to fill up with gas. My dad told me about a gas station that is somewhat close to where I live that always has gas 2 cents cheaper than advertised on the big sign. On top of that, they are a few cents cheaper (advertised) than all the other places I drove past. Neato.

Margarita night was fun. Played the card game waterfall with different rules than I am used to.

I arrived home late. Instant crash.

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