Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2011.06.01 Wednesday

Well it is hump day. And guess what... no hot water for shower. Not cool (or too cool?).

To add a bit of insult to injury, my thumbs are starting to show an uncomfortable case of sun burn. Not sure why it took a couple days to really kick in. I'll try to post pictures so you can enjoy the view.

Work was engaging and longer than regular.

After work, Habs and I crawled into the crawlspace, and figured out that the pilot light went out on the water heater. A few piezo-electric clicks later, and we were back in business. The best part was going from the "lighting" position to the "full on" position, and seeing a blanket of flames burst out. I guess the system did a pretty good job at detecting how the water in the tank was not warm at all any more.

My thumb seems to be getting more painful. Now I'm questioning if there are multiple factors at play here, like maybe a rash on top of a sunburn or something. This just reminds me of commercials that say "love the skin you are in", but I find that hard when my skin just sucks at surviving.

Ate some leftovers for dinner. Pretty boring evening.

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