Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011.01.27 Thursday

I'm starting to get restless about waiting for vacation to start. I have lots of little things to still do to prepare, and I get to sit at work all day just thinking about it. Frustration.

Work was normal. I'm thinking about omitting saying this some days, but I don't want to be confused if I ever read this stuff in the future what I did most of the day. Mentioning "work" makes it understandable that half the day is effectively gone.

My sister stopped by to exchange gear with me. We chatted up for a while, and Justin joined in since they work at the same place. Their workplace sounds completely different, and it's understandable why it's one of the top rated for employees.

Started up laundry and packing, ran some errands, finished laundry and more packing.

Then Lindsey and Jon stopped by. They were on their way north from McAllen. We had an interesting discussion about women going through postpartum depression... ya know after having a baby inside you for months... then suddenly not. Well add to that some hormones fluctuating, and all kinds of things changing in the body, and sometimes the mind is affected. That conversation then shifted into thinking about how slight changes in chemical balances can completely alter the way people think and react. Just thinking about it is pretty scary. In a sense, we are all on the verge of being insane. And in some ways, we are insane.

Bed time.

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