Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011.01.05 Wednesday

Already hump day, and a very short week. I like this.

Went for a run after work. This time is was a little easier to push myself further, but I'm pretty sure my heart rate is doing a roller coaster shape. I can't find a pace that is comfortable and where I still get enough oxygen.

Ate leftovers for dinner, and tried to get a balance of food that seems somewhat healthy.

Kelc came over and assisted me in shopping at HEB for some groceries. I tried to stick to the produce area as long as possible. I'm hoping to shift towards fresher foods this new year. It's one of my "new years resolutions". I did a pretty good job last year of reducing my trips to HEB to roughly once a month to stock up, and the occasional trip for specialty items. With this shift towards fresher foods (and more fruits and veggies), I foresee my trips to HEB becoming more frequent, so I'm not sure how long this will last. Maybe I should invest in some good tupperware...

Kelc and I ended the evening watching 21 Grams. Got about 60% through the movie, and I called it a night.

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