Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011.01.20 Thursday

Last day of the work week. What shall I do with it?

After work, Kelc and I met up with her mom at La Madeline. Kelc took a bite from my pasta salad and had a nice chunk of metal in it. Sweet right? Well the manager refunded the whole price of the meal. Cool... I guess. Dying is worth an 7 dollar refund.

During dinner, Kelc acquired "the key" so that we could get a Netflix movie out of the mailbox. The plan is to watch the movie : Reservation Road.

I made some bacon salted popcorn, pulled some pistachios, Kelc got the drinks and we set the lighting... all ready for an enjoyable movie experience. The only problem: the movie was only mediocre. I'd have to say the story wasn't that great, and sometimes the acting was a little off. But most of the time, the acting was really good, it's just the lack of strength in the story really made things less fun.


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