Monday, November 29, 2010

2010.11.29 Monday

*yawn* Another 5-day work week.

Work actually went by pretty quickly because I was doing a bunch of running around.

After work, I went out for a skate session in the beautiful weather. Oddly enough, my nollie abilities are doing well today, including nose manuals. I think I need to get some new bushings on my trucks since I busted through the current ones. My ollies felt weird today; it felt like the pop was the same, but once the board was off the ground the board felt like it was stuck to my feet and just going up and up...then on the landing I somehow landed on the trucks every time (instead of the tail). Kickflips and heelflips weren't happening. I used the new found ollie abilities to jump over a few things around the neighborhood. I also tried showing off a few 180-reverts to pedestrians that probably didn't care. Took care of some garbage duties as well.

Next up, taking care of what is left of my plants. I decided to go ahead and say farewell to the remainders of my tomato plants. I took out the roots and all. Also trimmed back on the pepper plants so they can hibernate over the winter. I don't really mind if they die also because I have seeds of everything and can start up again once the threats of freezes pass. One thing that surprised and scared me was a little guy living in my cayenne pepper plant. A baby praying mantis. I put him off to the side while I cleaned up everything. Whenever the wind blew, he would sway back and forth to try and mimic the wind and how plants move, but silly mantis...the pot is stationary. Instead, he just looked drunk. Here are a few snaps I took:

I also put an album up on facebook if you want to check out a few more. I took probably 20 shots total, but my camera can't focus worth crap anymore.

Next up, dinner. What's for dinner? Mostly leftovers, but today those leftovers are more exciting than normal leftovers. I have some mashed potatoes from forever ago that I need to finish, so I added a good chunk of butter and that came out pretty good. Last time I went to HEB I picked up some asparagus; I totally forgot about it so I needed to hurry up and get that cooked and eaten. This time, I used bacon fat to cook my asparagus instead of the usual oils. A+. Definitely would try that again. Last but not least, I reheated some turducken. One of the biggest dinners-for-one I've had in a long time.

After dinner, I cracked open a spare computer power supply. I'm going to be modding this into a DC power supply that I can use on various electronic projects. I have a switch, and LED+resistor. I need to get a load resistor, some terminals for the voltage connections and some heatshrink, then just slap it all together. I'll have to post more updates as I get further into the project.

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