Monday, November 15, 2010

2010.11.12 Friday

Woke up to head over to round rock's skatepark. Once Kelc and I got there, it started raining more and more, making my session abnormally short.

Made the executive decision to go to Discount Tire Co and get a tire rotation. Surprise! My treads are worn pretty low. How low? Low enough that I may not pass inspection by the time I have to do that (3/32nds I think is what I have left). Cool, guess I'll be shopping for tires now. At least I was able to go inspect my brakes while they had the wheels off. I'm still confused about the wear pattern of my front brake pads. They look rather curved, but the rotor looks fine. Universe, explain yourself.

Well, looks like the sun decided to bust through those storms... oh that was a cold front. Back to the skatepark with free nature-provided air conditioning. Wish I had brought some tools, because that water messed up my bushings and now my skating is squirrelly. This second session, I didn't have the whole park to myself. A van of a bunch of kids arrived. They were all really nice and polite, and never really got in the way of anything. They were actually entertaining to watch skate.

I wore myself out, time to go home. Put some homegrown jalapenos on a CPK pizza for lunch. Then... nap time.

Cooked up an awesome dinner. Steaks, boiled potatoes, green beans, deliciousness.

After dinner, cooked up some chocolate covered bacon. Put some cayenne pepper on some, cinnamon on others, and the rest plain. Chocolate is rather easy to melt in a microwave. I was worried I would have to use the double-pan method with water and carefully balance the temperature.

While that was cooling off, we met up with friends at Anderson Mill Tavern. Played some pool and enjoyed the renovated atmosphere. We arrived kinda late, so before we knew it, it was last-call and they were nudging us out. Went to What-A-Burger and Paul's place to hang out. Kittens are almost not kittens now. Claws... fully developed.

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