Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010.11.03 Wednesday

It's finally starting to feel like Fall/Winter time. The air smells delicious today. Exciting times ahead! I cannot wait.

After a night of letting the fridge run, I checked on it. SURE ENOUGH there is a glaze of ice on the part that is the "freezer". I bet it would feel reasonably cold if things were actually occupying the space in the fridge. There doesn't appear to be anything leaking, and no circuit breakers flipped out. Why would anybody throw this out? Oh yeah, moldiness. Mild bleach, 409, and dish soap should be good enough.

Worked at work, thus the name. Actually left "on-time". Been weeks since that happened. Also, felt weird not having to worry about a kickball game after work.

So instead of kick-balling, I cooked up some taco meat and tortellini. Turned out to be a surprisingly good combination. Meat with seasoning and cheese filled pasta. Yum.

Worked on getting more music on my mp3 player. I actually started considering putting this music listening project on pause for a while. I'm over 1300 albums into the adventure already. It's not from being tired, or boredom, but a lack of resources and organizational preparedness. Don't mean to blame the seasons, but most evenings I have been coming home just really exhausted. Work also gets in the way.

Oh life, getting in the way

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