Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010.11.02 Tuesday

Work went by quickly, and seemed to speed up at the end.

Went to class. Some fool turns off the computer in the conference room, so it takes 15 minutes to start up everything. Not only that, but being disconnected from the network causes virus scans to happen, so the first 30-60mins of being running everything is super slow. Frustratin' and Hatin'. At least we had Donn's BBQ for dinner.

Home, worked on that mini-fridge again. This time I busted out my trusty multimeter. Started cracking off the back plate where the power cord goes in. Turns out that there isn't much to a mini fridge. Thermostat, compressor, coolant lines, and your box. Maybe 5 After playing around with it, figured out that the fridge doesn't like being plugged in when the thermostat is in the ON position, so just turn it OFF, plug in, turn ON...voila! Free mini fridge.... free mold.

Minecraft, and had trouble sleeping.

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