Sunday, November 7, 2010

2010.11.07 Sunday

Woke up and finished an episode of Smallville.

Lunch with Ray at Cheddar's. Happy late b-day buddy! After lunch we went out to Shaylah Dame Skatepark, in Round Rock. There are lots of kids that are pretty darn good. I will definitely need to practice later when they won't see me fall.

Kelc and I watched some football, then she left to get back to Arlington. It was very weird not centering the weekend around football.

I measured the power consumption of the mini fridge over the course of 3-days. That should be a fair amount of time for typical usage right? The verdict: 1.67 kWh (kilo-watt-hours). So 3 days is 1.67 kWh....that means 30 days (1 month) is 16.7 kWh. If a kWh costs 8 cents worst-case, then it looks like I'll be spending an extra 16 bucks over the course of a year. That doesn't sound unreasonable.

Spent the remainder of the evening playing some minecraft and watching Sunday night football.

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