Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012.09.11 Tuesday

It just so happens that the method we use to count our earth's revolutions and orbitals around the star that gives us light every day has landed on the same day that 11 years ago two planes were misguided into two tall standing structures.  Ironic that an attack on everyday freedoms would cause a panic response to take away everyday freedoms.

Mostly normal day at work.  Also made a quick trip to popeyes, so that was fun.

After work, I decided it would be nice to go for a run.  Maybe that could counter some of the health choices I made over lunch.  I ran a little over a mile, which isn't bad considering I haven't really run much in a while.

Had a semi productive evening at home.  Cooked up some bbq leftovers.  I started playing around with the circuit breakers, ended up setting off my alarm somehow.  Not sure how that works, but I guess a power outage is alarm-worth...?  Finished up some wiring swap.

Haven't seen or heard from Kelc in a while...

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