Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012.09.09 Sunday

Cleaned the inside of my car today.  A fair amount of sand has accumulated, but not really too much if you consider how many times I've played.  I tried using a very light spritz of my vinegar-based homemade all purpose cleaner, and mostly water to wipe down everything.

Got a call from my sister saying they were going to be home, so I could bring over a truck load of boxes to their place.  Yay, finally get to see their house.  Pretty nice.

Back to my place.  Started putting together a list for some HEB groceries.  Headed over there with my car (which smells like new car by the way, very neat).  The parking lot was packed.  Sucks.

Watched SNF with Kelc and peeps.  Steelers lost.  Wayne pooped on my UT rug.  BLARG.

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