Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2012.07.21 Saturday (Hawaii)

Day spa morning.  Slightly embarrassing how I had to take a massive duke, and we were the only people there (plus the toilet wasnt flushing...oh god).

Left there oily, relaxed, and fumigated.

Kihei Cafe for lunch.  Took longer than expected because they mixed up some orders.  I think they sent out our food for delivery by accident

The scooter booters came back from their morning journey, then returned the scooters.

Kelc and I cleaned up the oily from the spa while everybody else went out to the beaches.  We then put on swim gear and sunscreen about to head out when they were on their way back.  Good timing?

We went out and bought a volleyball and ice cream, then swam at the beach.

Five Palms restaurant with Kelc and her mom.  Expensive, but delicious.  I had Walu.  What is walu?  Some sort of fish.

Home, tired.

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