Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2012.07.18 Wednesday (Hawaii)

I woke up a couple times in the middle of the night.  Partially because I was being frozen by the air conditioner and fan, and partially because my sleep patterns aren't quite adjusted to the 5 hour difference yet.

Kelc's mom was already up, so we headed over to starbucks to get a little kickstarter juice.

Went to big beach.  Surprisingly, up over the cliff to the right is a nude beach.  As cool as it sounds, the view of old man-chicken was not cool.  I didn't go over there, although after we left I thought about how there aren't too many chances to be nude in public without consequences... maybe when I get older....

Drove through the lava flows.  Crazy that there is so much jagged lava rock that was once molten and flowing not that long ago.

Went to a place called Cheese Burger for late lunch.  We almost went to a place directly across from it, but a guy came out and was really pushy about getting us to eat there.  Once we were served food, we started thinking that maybe he was right in saying his food was better.  WE MAY NEVER KNOW FOR SURE.

Stopped by the grocery store and mostly relaxed for the remainder of the day.

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