Monday, July 30, 2012

2012.07.13 Friday (the thirteenth)

Superstition?  No thanks.

Played vball with a slightly different set of people.  It was fun but hot and humid with no breeze.  We called it after just 2 games, but probably ended up being a wise choice. Because... a huge thunderstorm rolled through and dropped a ton of water and lightning.

Today a special outing was planned for a coworker that is leaving us.  I think he is a great guy, always spoke his mind and was open and honest.  The funny thing is that he is leaving without a big plan for what is going to happen next.  He sold his house, packed up everything in a uhaul, and is heading west.  We met up at the Flying Saucer in the triangle to share a few rounds.  I feel like these types of outings should happen more often.

Went home, packed up some more and unpacked.

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