Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012.06.22 Friday

Thought I might be able to sleep in.  Nope.  Woke up early to go grab a van to move stuff.  Then over to the storage unit to get the stuff.  Turns out we took too much, so we had to take it back.  Then took the stuff downtown.  Then back home to shower.  Good morning.

Family started showing up post-shower, so I packed up my junk as fast as I could and went over to Kelc's to hang out / get settled into my temporary home.  I'd rather not be around the constant craziness at my parent's house.

Dressed up, then headed downtown for the rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner.  The dinner was at Juan in a Million.  Food was delicious, drinks were fantastic, heat was dehydrating.

The plan was to allow everybody in the wedding party have an opportunity (if they wanted) to give a little speech about the bride and groom.  Some speeches were pretty good, some heart warming, some not.

Back home, snooze to prepare for the big day.

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