Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012.06.17 Sunday

Woke up, cleaned up.

Went on a little trip with my parents to Academy, then Conn's.  I got to check out some prices on appliances and furniture and stuff at Conn's.  Holy crap... you could spend a pretty penny on a just washer and dryer.  Seriously?  I feel like the payoff period for the extra cost would never come to fruition.  Not to mention all the people that complain about front-end-loading washers and the new set of problems that come with those.

Early family lunch at Pappasito's.  I was pretty much full by the time my plate showed up.  Dang.  Guess I'll have a dinner for later.

Felt absolutely disgusting on the way home.  So much chips/carbs/cheese.

Took a nap.  Probably a terrible idea but I felt like going into a food coma.  Once I woke up, I still felt out of it, but managed to get some work done.

Then went over to Kelc's and spent the night there.

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