Friday, July 13, 2012

2012.07.07 Saturday

Woke up on the floor.  Hardly any air left in the air mattress.  I guess I still didn't get enough sleep because I'm still not feeling very energetic.

Started the day by cleaning again, Kelc left to go grab some coffee.  My parents showed up with a breakfast taco and stuff from the storage unit.

Then we all continued cleaning.  I was cleaning various things, then got slowed down by the disgusting deposits left on the top of the kitchen cabinets.  I guess nobody ever sees that area, but it was pretty darn gross.  Layers of paint, dust, and grease mixed over the years.  I had to take a heavy duty solvent and a blade to scrape it up.

Later into the evening, Kelc and I went to Tyler's going-away party.  That involved croquet, swimming, vennis, sundaes, MitD, telephone pictionary, and various mini-games.

Kelc left early, I left late.  Slept at my parent's house where I have a real bed, real shower supplies, and all my clothes.

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