Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2012.04.23 Monday

Ready for a fun and short work week?  Me neither.  I have a huge pile of stuff to get finished as fast as possible. Volleyball didn't happen.  I think we just couldn't get enough people together.

Post-work, went for a bike ride.  It was fun, but at the beginning I already felt tired so I knew I wasn't going to go for very long.  I saw 4 different rabbits along the 6 or so miles.  I also went pretty fast over an open man hole.  I almost flew off the bike, but ended up just smashing my ass into the seat.  I need to work on my land-scanning rate so I don't fall down some hole of off a cliff.

Cooked up a big pot of shells and cheese for dinner, and supplemented that with beef jerky.  Not the greatest dinner, but I was stuffed.

I played some Just Cause 2, you know, just 'cause.  I installed a mod called Superman flying mod 4.  It essentially lets you fly around the islands.  Super sweet.  It would have been more awesome if you had to earn the flying capability and then got to use it later for missions, but it's icing on the cake of a very awesome cake.

Stayed up a bit to see if Kelc would be done with work... nope.

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