Thursday, April 5, 2012

2012.03.31 Saturday

I had some crazy dreams last night.  In my dream, I started thinking that I should try some techniques for lucid dreaming.  Maybe I'm on my way to some fun things.  Then I started dreaming about my phone's camera being used as a tool to capture ghosts and spirits, and at some point I started making noise in the real world so Kelc jabbed me in the side to stop it. Tee hee.

Went home, and my brother was there with Julissa.  They brought Round Rock doughnuts. Score!

Took a shower, finally.  Headed over to Mark's place to check on his cat.  It poked its head out when I came in, but then I couldn't find him.  Went to Sprouts to pick up some goodies, then Chik fil a for the obvious.  The entire round trip took a lot longer than I thought it would have.

Spent the evening helping Habs with a wiring project.  We didnt finish.  :-(

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