Monday, April 2, 2012

2012.03.26 Monday

Spent a few minutes with Kelc, her car, and a laptop. Took about 2 minutes and we had the cabin air filter replaced. I am super jelly. Changing the cabin air filter in my car takes at least an hour if you know what you are doing, and more if you don't have the right tools.

Then I kicked Kelc out so I could do some work, and schedule a doctor's appointment.  I got in a few solid hours. It helped take my mind off the pain.  Then I went to spend some time at Kelc's.  We finished up the movie we started last night.

The clinic I went to was a lot bigger than I was expecting.  Everybody seemed pretty confused about me being there too, and I provided insurance information after they already had a prescription sent.

Back to Kelc's to hang out.  Her sister really wanted us to go shopping with her for some reason, so off we went to HEB.  Apparently I'm some sort of healthy food expert so she kept asking what was healthy.  I helped out there, then helped unload their groceries, then hit some nerve and was sent home.  Cool.

Guess I'll do some studying.

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