Thursday, April 12, 2012

2012.04.04 Wednesday

I woke up before my alarm today, but stayed in a complete groggy state for way too long.

I tried focusing on work for most of the morning.  I know if I think about presenting too much I will make myself feel like crap.  I think I actually worked faster by trying to avoid thinking about it.

Spent lunch playing vball.  Was a pretty good distraction and adrenaline inducer.  We had some really good volleys today, but then I started getting worn out by the 3rd game.

There wasn't much time between lunch and class.  This is when I started feeling the pressure kick in.  I took some coworker's advice and did some out-loud practice runs to really get a feel for what I'm going to say.  This helped some.

Class started, and I had to wait through another group's presentation.  They were bombarded with questions and their presentation took about a half-hour.  I started pacing around the room a bit.  Eventually it was my turn.  I think I did pretty good, had a few awkward pauses, and my vocal chords started drying up near the end.  Not too bad; done in about 8-10 minutes.  Score!

Then I pigged out on chinese food, multiple times throughout the evening.  Went home and ate an avocado.

Stopped by Walmart to pick up a USB cable for my phone.  Then back home ate some carrots and hummus.  Why am I so hungry?

I started getting Kelc hooked on Tiny Tower.

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