Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011.12.29 Thursday

Had an interesting sleepover with Kelc (read that as almost sleeping on the floor). The room is looking pretty barren.

Picked up some chick-fil-a for lunch (IT HAS BEEN A WHILE, NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT ADDICTION YALL). Not much later, Kelc had to go to work. My dad and I came up with a gameplan for shifting around stuff in storage. We made a trip over to the storage facility, dropping off a vehicle, then over to my place to pick up the big stuff, then back to storage to dig around, then home to unload. That sentence was pretty long, but the entire process took up most of the day and most of my energy.

Ate some leftovers at my parent's (soon to be my home as well), then back to my current place to finish up some packing and relax.

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