Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011.12.14 Wednesday - Final Exam

Final day is upon us. I tried to maximize sleep in hopes of being in a better mood and have better performance. Hopefully that works. That also means I arrived at work later because there was more traffic. It's lose-lose to leave late.

Another day where the weather was cooperating enough to play vball. Makes me so happy to be able to play. The guys I play with are all nice, nobody gets upset about the scoring or line calls. We are all there just to get out, breathe some fresh air, get some blood flowing, and just have fun. It was another day of crazy hits and amazing plays.

I went back to my desk to find out we had major network problems. I spent a good chunk of the afternoon looking over notes because productivity was shot.

Then the final: I started off feeling pretty good for the first half, just a few speed bumps to slow me down. Then the second half came around. I realized about 1/3rd of the way through the first chunk of the second half that I should have thought out how I wanted to present my answer. Too late now.. can't stop. My solution was to just keep writing more explanations in hopes that the wall of text will help explain my thought process.

I almost got in a terrible car accident on the way home. Two lanes come together for the 183 to Mopac flyover (going northbound on 183). I started picking up speed in the left lane to match what I thought the right lane's speed was, and a truck in front of me was switching from the left to right. That truck ended up blocking my view until I was rather close to smashing into the back of a long line trying to go northbound. My body just reacted and slowed down my car without losing control, and i swerved into the shoulder just fine. Had I not used the shoulder, or reacted just a tad later I would probably be in the hospital. Nice. It would have also been my fault, even though I was blind to the traffic from the angle of the hill and the truck. That would have sucked balls.

Interestingly, my heart wasn't racing at all until after I was safe and back in the lane with everybody else. My adrenaline didn't flow fast enough.

Did some things around the house, then over to Hab's for a fancy "first/last supper". He fired up the grill for the first time and hosted a feast of steaks and fixins. Notable moments of the night: Office Space is entirely quotable and awesome, Costco is an amazing store, the secret recipe of the steaks will remain secret, and citronella torch fuel is ok to spill everywhere without any concern.

Home...not sure what to do with myself without homework to worry about. Oh wait, I still have regular work-work to worry about.

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