Monday, December 19, 2011

2011.12.17 Saturday

Picked up some chick-fil-a for myself and Kelc, and took it to her work. She had already eaten so it's good I didn't pick up too much food.

I was trying to head to work today to pick up some things, but I kept hitting pockets of traffic. I have no idea what is going on today, but I don't like it.

Back home, I didn't really have much time to get started on work. I cleaned up then went over to my brother's girlfriend's place for fajitas and gingerbread house creation. Dinner was great even though I wasn't that hungry. My dad and I helped hook up her speaker system that my brother couldn't figure out. Then we started working on gingerbread houses. Kelc and I did a bunch of random things, but all-in-all, every house looked great. I ended the celebration by getting a huge glob of icing on the floor. Go ME!

I post some pictures of the houses if I can remember.

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