Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011.05.26 Thursday

I slept right through the radio part of the alarm, and grumpily awake to the beep. Oh how I despise the beep.

Around lunch-time, I went to the gym and lifted weights. Seems like the soreness factor from workouts has already dropped. Maybe that is a sign to increase the weight already. Maybe not.

Post-workout, went to the cafeteria where our company was having a bake sale. By the time I arrived at the table to purchase something, there was only one strip of chocolate-covered bacon left. Awesome.

Once home, I planned out a run. I ended up running over 2 miles non-stop, 2.6 miles total. I think right around the 1.5-mile mark my body finally starts pumping out endorphins. That needs to happen a lot sooner, in my opinion.

I cooked up / grilled up / baked up ? some chicken breasts, ate leftover pesto pasta, and leftover taquitos for dinner. My body is craving calories.

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