Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011.05.02 Monday

Starting off this week with unsteady ground. I could have used more sleep, but I get carried away with things once evening rolls around.

Work was interesting. Things got a bit heated, but thinking back it seems silly to get worked up like that. I mean really, is getting emotional about something going to fix a problem? Probably not. Relax people.

After the longer-than-normal day at work, I went home. I tried out a demo planetary simulator to crash some interstellar objects into each other. The game normally costs about 10 dollars, but I'm glad I tried out the demo before buying. The interface is "ok" at best. The novelty wears off rather quickly. I don't think it would be 10 dollars well spent for me. But who knows, maybe it's your kind of thing.

Made a phone call, then on my way to getting a hair cut. Not just one hottie, but Too Hotties. I always enjoy their service.

Back home, watched an episode of Smallville without Kelc. Uh oh. I'm going to be in trouble for that. Counter-Strike, then bed.

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