Monday, May 9, 2011

2011.05.08 Sunday - Mother's Day

Another holiday created by ?? Oh well, good excuse to go out with the family for a nice meal. This year we went to Steiner Ranch Steakhouse.

SRS provides an awesome hill-top overlook of part of the lake. The restaurant itself isn't all that big, so it feels rather intimate and personal, but at the same time it is also styled like how one would imagine a house on a ranch. For mother's day, they brought out an ice sculpture to display at the main entrance. Too bad it was actually hot today, causing the ice to melt all over the floor. The food was excellent, and dessert was amazing.

We stopped by home to get changed, then went over to a storage unit that we've had since my dad's mom passed. We are looking at trying to downsize how much "stuff" we are keeping, if nobody wants it of course. This coming up weekend will be a neighborhood garage sale.

Went back to the house, unloaded stuff. Then played some CoD: Black Ops multiplayer, killing some zombies.

Took a nap, and enjoyed pizza for dinner. Stuck around and chatted with my parents into the late evening.

Home, sleep.

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