Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011.05.14 Saturday

Woke up late. That was to be expected, going to bed so late.

The day is planned to be a celebration of two birthdays. To start, we wen to Milburn park to play sand volleyball. I remember how awesome sand volleyball is, and how I used to play with Moore-Hill people on Friday afternoons. That was great until I punctured my foot on a stick and it became infected. Anyways...

Post volleyball we stopped by Sonic for refreshing beverages. After that, we went over to Fred's house to play a game of diplomacy. It is a board game that involves controlling land and armies in and around Europe, and striving for domination. I felt like I wasn't explained the rules very well, so I was off to a shaky start. Then Kelc was knocked out, and I managed to survive until the very last round. Go figure.

I stopped by home to grab a quick snack and take care of my plants. I ended up plucking two tomatoes and eating one of them. Yum. I also saved some of the seeds from it. Maybe I can get something going for fall or next year.

I missed my chance to play Vennis, but met up at Plucker's. Coincidentally, Ray and Marisa were also there enjoying a dinner. The meal took longer than expected. Service was unusual.

Drove out to the lakehouse for more fun, but most people ended up falling asleep rather quickly. I played a few games of pool, chatting, then sleeping.

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