Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2011.02.23 Wednesday

I woke up today knowing it is going to be a long day, and that just set the mood for the rest of the day.

Work was much more vocal today. Lots of people wanting to come and talk about things, so I couldn't tackle the task I had been assigned. I stayed late into the evening because...

Later I went to the Palmer Event Center to pre-judge some science projects. There were hundreds (maybe nearing thousands) of projects set up on tables. It's pretty cool to see how social topics can influence the direction of curiosity in science. I guess what I'm really trying to say is: there were a ton of "green energy" related projects, and "oil spill" related projects. Not that it is a bad thing. I got lost a few times going through the tables and reading up on what experiments were performed. Some students showed an interesting understanding of the english language.

Home, pretty darn tired. Cooked up some pasta (hopefully that energizes me tomorrow). Played L4D2 with Mark for a little. On a whim, I bought HL2:EP2 for $1.99. It's hard to pass up that price.

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