Monday, February 7, 2011

2011.02.07 Monday

Woke up before my alarm, then went back to sleep, then had a hard time waking up to my alarm. Cool. Left for work a bit early to try and get this day started. The faster I get done with work, the sooner I get to see Kelc. I haven't seen her in 2 weeks. Feels like forever.

Kelc ended up meeting me for lunch because we wanted to see each other, and she happened to be in the area. We went across the street to Subway (super romantic, yo) which I've only been to a few times, even though it's so close to work. We caught up on a lot of things, talked about her adventures at the Super Bowl.

Eventually I went back to work and multi-tasked catching up on class at the same time.

Went home, played some L4D2 with hasbro. Kelc surprised me with a dinner of Chik-fil-a since I was denied yesterday. Sweetness.

Spent the night catching up, and watching City Island.

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