Monday, February 7, 2011

2011.02.03 Thursday - Lake Tahoe

Went to Red Hut for breakfast. It's a micro-chain of restaurants similar to waffle house, but super greasy and good.

Today's goal: day trip to Virginia City. This place is old-school Nevada. Home of a mining craze, and Mark Twain (?). I bought some taffy at the the Barrels O Candy store, and some Pistachio Brittle (similar to peanut brittle) at another candy store. Lots of specialty shops, but not a lot of people around. Took some pictures here and there.

Kelc sent a message saying there had been some video shootings of haunted/super-natural activities. I'm not sure if this is what encouraged my dad, but he wanted to go check out the cemetery. I wasn't too keen on the idea, and my sister full out refused to go walk around. Honestly, it seems like a nice place to be buried. I took some pictures, found some Masonic symbols, and felt creeped out a couple times. Oh well.

Stopped by the Chocolate Nugget on the way home. At home I was asleep rather early.

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