Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011.02.14 Monday (V-Day)

Happy Valentines Day to all. Today we celebrate... well each other really. This is a made-up holiday, and even though more people know that, they still get hurt if nothing special happens. Cool holiday.

Work is going along sludgingly. Yeah I just created a word.

At the end of work, a handful of coworkers went to the cafeteria to watch Jeopardy. Today is a big day for computers, as IBM has created a "smart" machine able to piece together intricacies of human language to respond to the clever puzzles of the game. I texted Kelc and my sister about "Watson" being on Jeopardy, and they both thought it was my sister's ex boyfriend. Hilarity ensued. Oh and Watson did rather well on the game show.

Went home, ran for 1.5 miles uninterrupted. I think at the very end I was starting to get a second wind, or a "runner's high", or something. My calves felt like they had a lot of lactic acid buildup, which is a lot better than having shin-splints. After that, Habs and Taytay wanted to go toss around a some discs outside, and I brought the football along. Those disc-golf discs are not multi-player friendly.

Took a shower, played some L4D2 until Kelc came over.

We had a romantic candle-lit dinner with a gourmet chicken dinner. A dozen pieces of chicken breast lightly breaded and pressure-cooked in peanut oil, with a whole chicken breast breaded and prepared similarly. The whole chicken breast was placed plainly on a two pieces of wheat bread that was lightly buttered and toasted. To supplement the pieces of chicken, a spicy vinegar based orange sauce was used for dipping and sampling. As a side, a handful of potatoes were sliced at perpendicular angles repeatedly, then tossed in a blend of canola and palm oils until slightly golden, then pulled out and sprinkled lightly with salt. To drink, we started with hand-squeezed lemons, add plenty of water and sugar to make a delicious lemonade. --Yeah we had Chik Fil A.

After that, we took our candle-light evening to my room, where we watched Playing By Heart. Lots of big name actors doing less-than-spectacular acting.

The rest is history.

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Kelcey said...

love your description of dinner :)