Monday, June 28, 2010

2010.06.27 Sunday

Woke up pretty early. Leaving with my family to attend my cousin's graduation celebration. Not the official ceremony, but just a feast with friends.

On the way there, we stopped at the Burton Meat Market. One of the very few real butcher places I know of. My mom prefers getting her ground chunk from here, so she put in an order of about 20 pounds. My dad just grabbed a bag of beef jerky, which we all proceeded to eat on the remainder of the trip into Chappell Hill TX.

We arrived at the Chappell Hill Volunteer Fire House right on time. I began fixing myself plate after plate of finger foods until the main course was served. I had all kinds of vegetables and party mixes, chips and salsa, candies and desserts.

The main course was some awesome juicy pork chops, smoky grilled chicken, and sausage links. For sides, corn, green beans, buttery potatoes, jalapeƱos, macaroni salad, onions, and some awesome pickles. I ate sooo much that I was starting to fall asleep on my plate. Not even kidding. I eventually woke myself up to eat cake and hopefully ride a sugar rush until we had to leave. On the way home, I passed the F out. Comatose.

Still full from lunch, I didn't bother really eating a dinner. I handed off one of my beefsteak tomato plants to my dad to raise, since I had one more than expected. Need to germinate a jalapeƱo plant soon.

Played a good amount of Zelda and made it to where I only need to beat the final temple/boss. I have to decide now if I should go back and find all the secret things, and can be able to say I did this game 100%, or just finish it and move on. I'll probably go back for the easy 'hidden' things.

After I'm done with this game, should I jump right into FFVII, or take a break? I know I should be cutting back on my TV time, but mythbusters is just so hard to pass up. Getting a guitar pedal working was pretty exciting, kinda inspires me to make something else. I have all these parts...

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