Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010.06.15 Tuesday

Haven't felt this tired in a while. Also haven't gone to the gym in a while. I think that is a definitive connection right there.

Oh great, we get to go to work in SOME STUPID LOOKING CAR. Thanks stupid driver for hitting Hasbro and causing his car to go to the shop.

Things are picking up at work. Things are picking up at home too. Lindsey and Kelc are in town, and they keep asking me to do things, but my schedule gets packed before they ask. For instance, my brother asked me over the weekend if I could come over to help him fix his blu-ray player, so I tried that on monday (along with going to the grocery store). Then today, they want me to see a movie or karaoke, but I have softball practice. Tomorrow I have a kickball game, Thursday a softball game, Saturday and Sunday I'll probably celebrate Father's Day.

I might reserve Friday for catching up on sleep. When am I going to put together a guitar pedal in this time span? Dang, I don't know.

Practice went pretty well. It's a good thing we practiced because everybody was a bit rusty.

Cooked myself a steak for dinner, with some broccoli. This steak was a New York Strip, USDA prime. I slightly over cooked it, but I almost ate it while it was near raw in the middle. Better too much than not enough.

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