Thursday, June 17, 2010

2010.06.17 Thursday

Super tired today. It's only Thursday and my body is giving out on me. Knowing that there is today, plus one more day, plus some tedious work, plus a softball game tonight...*deep breath*

Work wasn't that bad. The day did feel long, but as least it was productive and effective.

Went home, tried to rest up a bit. The softball game is much earlier than the kickball game yesterday. Thus, the sun was out and just happened to be placed right behind the pitcher (making batting very difficult). Overall, as a team that has only come together for the first time... at the first game... I think we did well. The first inning or two, we had some bobbles and let some runs through. After that, we were able to step up the defense and hold back those runs.

Went home, ate food, watched a bit of the NBA finals. Can't say that most of the country is interested in that game. Nothing impressive to see there.

Played a little bit of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (for those of you that know the game, I just finished the forest temple as adult link (not the great deku tree temple at the beginning)). Showered, then sleep. I surprised my body by actually going to bed at a more reasonable time (near midnight).

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