Monday, June 28, 2010

2010.06.25 Friday

Today is the day, a day for the record books.

I spent the morning playing Zelda and goofing around. Kelc had to leave to join up with the ladies.

Eventually got off my butt and went over to Radioshack. Bought myself a LM741 operational amplifier. The op-amp that came with they DIY kit I got was borked. Could be my fault, or just one of those fluke manufacturing defects, or one of those crappy suppliers that sends chips with nothing in them.

Cleaned myself up, spent 15 minutes getting dressed up for the wedding (one of the cases in which it's awesome being a guy). Arrived at the church... and didn't see anyone around. Awkward.

The ceremony went by pretty smoothly. Supposedly there were a handful of people with wet faces up at the alter, but I didn't see that.

Made our way over to the reception. The country club at The Hills. It's near Lakeway. Pretty sweet. The married couple went off into the golf course to take pictures, and as the sun was setting, the sprinkler system came on right on top of them. Awesome.

Good food and fun dancing (although slightly awkward and very white-person style). And they're off...

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