Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012.02.28 Tuesday

Man, what happened last night. I started installing Linux Mint, then I wake up to my alarm going off, my lights, tv, computer are all on. I guess I passed out from exhaustion. This should make for a fun day.

Worked in the lab for a good portion of the day. By the time I got back to my desk, everybody had left on a lunch outing.

After work, carpooled back up north. Habs wanted to be a little adventurous and check out the abandoned house nearby. I was feeling a bit timid since it was broad daylight. We grabbed some face masks (in case the place was infested with mold) and a flashlight. I was unlucky in that I was still in my normal work clothing. Anyways, we checked out the front, the side, through a gate and into the backyard. From the back deck/patio we could see in through a sliding glass door (amazingly not broken/tampered, still locked and wedged close). It felt rather odd looking at everything inside. Since there hasn't been anybody in there, there isnt much dust or anything; just old and stale environment in which somebody was once living. Various things were in slight disarray, like a broom laying on the floor in front of the glass door, some papers strewn about, and a bed off to the side that didnt have sheets and looked to be falling off the frame. The front windows also had paper coverings, so you could see that daylight was outside, but nobody could see in from the front. Part of me felt like somebody was about to pop out from around a corner inside at any moment, but at the same time I didn't want to stop looking inside just in case they did see me (I'd want to see them too). So maybe there is someone camping there, but probably not. They wouldn't have any utilities of any kind, so I'd imagine it being quite boring, and eventually just inconvenient to have to leave to get anything (which also is risky for the camper).

At home, I did some in-home exercises and stretches instead of pushing myself with running again. (Don't want to push myself to complete exhaustion).

Spent most of the evening working on trying to set up a Linux server. I took a break to eat some food, and helped my mom with her own computer woes. Went back and got two things working. Wham Bam thank you ma'am. If I get everything working, I'll give out some remote access or something.


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