Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012.02.22 Wednesday

I guess you could say I was grumpy this morning. For some reason, I woke thinking about crawfish etoufee. You remember? The lunch of dreams... only happened once every other week... and now not at all. I miss that food. I miss "normal" food. Even after I eat a meal these days, I feel unsatisfied.

Today I was trying to go back to my normal morning routine. The brushing teeth part is still a little skewed, and I have an extra mouth rinse. Well during a mouth rinse, a clump of stitches came out. Oops.. I guess. Lately those things have been poking my tongue, making me think I have clumps of food in my mouth. Annoying. Goodbye.

Work was alright. I took a mid-day break with a few coworkers to attend a free webinar on oscilloscopes and probing techniques. Pretty good at skimming the surface of just about everything to do with an oscilloscope. Only slightly pushing their own product. I picked up a few tidbits of information, mostly new capabilities/technologies and the concept of different types of probes. I think during my colleges years, I normally dealt with a "normal" probe and on a rare occasion I was able to try out a hall-effect probe (which looked something like this) to measure current.

Class was alright, time flew by. Also had a few more stitches come out randomly.

At home, I went back to geeking by continuing to read about Version Control Systems. I finished up the section about Subversion (A centralized VCS) and jumped into learning about Distributed VCSs (like Git, Mercurial, etc). The book pointed out a link to Fallacies of Distributed Computing. I found that wikipedia article quite entertaining. What do you think?

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