Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012.02.08 Wednesday

Well I feel like the week should already be over so I could catch up on some rest, but nope.

Work for today was a bit exciting. At some point, the company signed up to have students from Leander ISD visit for "Cool Week". Oh hey, I remember that...

Back in my day, I said that I was interested in doing something IT or computer-related. As a result I was paired up with a guy to work at Texas Association of School Boards (TASB). We spent the entire week (Mon-Fri, 8a-5p) working. Well... kind of working. It's hard for a business to bring people up to speed on anything they are doing, so instead they made up some work to do. Our task was to research and propose ideas for redesigning a computer training room. We ended up having plenty of time, so it was good to just go around and talk to people to see what life is like.

Anyways, these kids are only visiting for a couple days, just to ask questions and sit in on meetings and discussions. I wish I could hire one of these kids on and show them the ropes, get them excited about the "real world" or get them excited about engineering. I just remember how the educational system was limiting on creativity and allowing students to explore areas of interest. Instead, we have a formulaic machine that pumps students out that have no idea what they want to do.

Post-work, I picked up some pizza for class. Silly me, forgot the receipt. Class was on par with normal.

Went home and played a little Mass Effect, then went to bed early. Don't know why, but really exhausted today.

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