Monday, October 17, 2011

2011.10.15 Saturday - BCS

Woke up at a reasonable time. Breakfast of champions: red bull.

We spent a chunk of the middle of the day working on the yard. Parts had been killed by city workers, and other parts died of lack of water, so we broke up the soil some and put down some sod. Eventually we got through enough work to break away from the group.

We went over to Chase's, then over to Lenny's Subs for a late lunch/early dinner. Their large-sized subs cost over 10 dollars, but it's also pretty much 2 footlongs worth. Not bad.

Back to Chase's to watched the Rangers game, and to discuss and plan out a ceremony that we would like to try out. The game ended up lasting longer than I expected, but hey they won and are going to the world series. Good job.

Back to Ray's place, where a crazy party was already happening. Very much different than when we left. We decided it best to put our ceremony on hold and just hang out and mingle.

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