Friday, October 7, 2011

2011.10.07 Friday

Running late today. Great way to wrap up the week.

Mark organized some futbol (soccer) over lunch. I was able to get Kelc and Tyler to join at the last minute, which then caused some confusion because we weren't completely sure which fields we were going to play on. We found some awesome fields, but then some guy came up to us and told us we couldn't play there. Then we went back to a park that had a field of dead grass and sticks. Not bad.

What a great workout.

Back at work, felt like I couldn't really get much started because of interruptions. Wrapped up the week and went home.

At home, I grabbed a few items then headed over to Kelc's to watch a movie and eat a dinner. We had some frozen tilapia and couscous. We watched The Lincoln Lawyer. Overall a pretty good movie, with some twists and turns. Still pretty ridiculous how they make the judicial system out to be something swift moving.

After the movie everybody just got into a bad mood and started bickering, so I left.

Played some games, relaxed.

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