Sunday, March 20, 2011

2011.03.18 Friday

Kelc had to wake up early and leave for work. I slept in some more.

When I finally woke up, I packed up some more, then had to make a quick trip to Academy for some gear. Packed up my junk and met up with Paul.

From there, we left for Enchanted Rock. We were car no. 2 in the 2-car convoy. The drive out there felt sorta long, but the worst part was waiting in line to get into the park. I feel like they have a terrible system for dealing with cars and people.

Anyways, once we got in, we put on all our gear and started the trek to the primitive campsites. Unfortunately our hikers started dropping out. The heat, the sun, the weight, and the incline proved to be too much. We used some teamwork and extra runs to get all the gear and goods to the campsite.

Once we were there, we started setting up camp. We had some snacks along the hike, but by evening it was time for dinner. I cooked up a concoction of mild spicy chili with beans, and added some corn, and consumed that with scoops fritos chips. Turned out to be really good.

We played some games into the night, and enjoyed a really bright full moon. Supposedly, one of the brightest for years to come.

Then clouds rolled in and made everything humid. Nighty night.

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