Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011.03.16 Wednesday

Woke up to Tool on the radio this morning. What is this? 2002?

Work was alright. I met a new coworker that will be replacing some teammates that decided flag football wasn't their thing. I understand their feelings though, I think. They arrived slightly late, and they were thrown into the middle of the action without really knowing what to do. It's tough, and intimidating; everything is fast-paced. Oh well, it's their choice. If they want to still play I won't stop them.

For lunch, a little chunk of coworkers went to Las Casuelas and enjoyed some of the more authentic mexican food ATX has to offer. Besides being delicious, it is pretty cheap for lunch. I ate too many chips and beans before my plate came out, so I had to take some to-go.

Left work later than normal again. Lots of things picking up.

After work, I worked on plant stuff. I have access to 4 types of peppers now: cayenne, jalapeƱo, pequin, and the sacred ghost chili. If you haven't heard, they have a rating system for how spicy things are. The units are Scoville, on the Scoville Scale. It is based on how much capsaicin is in the pepper. If everything goes to plan, I could be in some serious pain. I'm working on germinating those peppers now. I also have two tomato plants that my father has given me. I'm thinking about doing an experiment and having one be an upside-down, or "topsy-turvy" plant, just to see if it turns out better. What do you think? Is it worth the effort?

A good friend from yesteryears came over in the evening. The goal: record some acoustic guitar for a dance performance. I ended up using one of my condenser mics exclusively. It took a few tries to figure out what to cut out or adjust for time constraints, and then some mistakes here and there. In the end, he (we call him Sneaky) played a really good track that didn't need any cleaning up, and layered on a mini solo track. A touch of level adjustments, tiny bit of reverb (in addition to what my room offers), and then everything was pretty good to go.

I ate some leftovers for dinner, played some L4D2 and planned for some camping.

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