Friday, March 11, 2011

2011.03.11 Friday

Even though I went to bed much earlier than normal, it didn't assist me in my wake up procedures today.

I played some flag football today at work. We had more players, which gave us a little more flexibility. Thankfully nobody was significantly injured or had to go to the nurse this time.

Ready to get the weekend started. I packed up a bunch of things and started compiling a list of stuff to pick up at HEB. Kelc came over and went shopping with me.

First up, clean some chicken and marinate in bacon grease with Todd's Dirt creole seasoning.
Second, make some bacon party mix. Yep. Bacon, and party mix. Two of my favorite things in the world have just collided into one supernova recipe. I'll have to tweak the recipe some, but I'll definitely post it here for others to enjoy.

Paul arrived, Kelc left, and we were off to see the wonderful world of BCS.

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