Friday, October 29, 2010

2010.10.27 Wednesday

Another busy day at work. I'd have to say that jumping head first into a project has been fun and exciting. Every day is something new, and different things to learn. My grandma and my aunt have always said "never stop learning". Although I might have been a little too young to understand that at the time, I try to follow their advice.

After work, went to our last kickball game of the season, and last of the year. I think they don't start up kickball until the spring... see you guys in 2011? We ended up winning our last game just barely. I was 3rd-base coaching and told James to run it home for the last run of the game.

Went to Docs to celebrate. In some ways, I think it's weird that I won't see these people until next kickball game. Maybe I can change that. I'm thinking a Thanksgiving feast....

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